Team building Events and Birthdays

Entertainment Based Teambuilding

Utilizing top-of-the-line VR hardware we provide engaging multi-player experiences full of challenging and interesting puzzles that would test your wits and ability for problem-solving. Virtual Reality helps promote a social environment while also improving team chemistry and communication through unique and innovative exercises.  Our games are designed for 100% player participation and require all parties to communicate with each other and help solve necessary tasks while progressing through the game.



Want to make your birthday party an unforgettable experience? Celebrate your big day with HIE VR. We bring you amazing VR games and arcade adventures. Transport your party to tropical islands, space ships, spooky sanctum, and more! Each game follows a captivating story and is designed to keep you engaged and immersed for one hour as you try to complete the game missions. This fun one-hour experience will bring your friends and family closer together as you’re having an amazing time puzzling your way out. Depending on the size of the party, you can book your event anywhere from 90 min to 4 hours to make sure everyone has time to play and mingle. Escape room games are also a great way to celebrate other special occasions including anniversaries, family reunions, and more!